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  • Particle Mechanics
  • IAQ
  • Filtration

Our Expertise

Filters and Filtration

We offer expertise in all things filtration including filter media, filter designs, testing protocols, SOP development, and filter selection for your applications.

  • Media Selection
  • Filter Designs
  • Manufacturing and Process
  • Testing and Validation
  • SOPs
  • Marketing


We offer our expertise to trouble shoot your indoor air quality challenges, provide sound solutions, and upgrades. Our specialty is practical solutions for existing industrial, healthcare, institutional, and commercial facilities.

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential
  • Retrofit
  • New Construction
  • Extra Terrestrial

Particle Mechanics

Our expertise is in offering solutions for particle measurements, generation and control including instrument selection for specific end use, and unbiased opinions on the pros and cons of devices on the market at all price levels. We also offer an audit of the suitability of your current devices for your application.

  • Fundamentals
  • Measurements
  • Sampling
  • Particle Generation
  • Particle Control

Mentoring for Business

We offer practical expertise to guide senior management and startups to maximize resources at hand without breaking the bank. Our focus is on helping filtration companies grow to the next level.

  • Focus on Filtration
  • Regional and Global
  • New Markets
  • Market Expansion
  • Sales Training
  • Short or Long Term
  • Staff or Corporate Level

What we offer

Traditional fee-based consulting

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Start-ups and small firms

  • No upfront cost
  • Ability to pay
  • Mutually acceptable simple terms


  • C Level
  • Owners
  • Unbiased
  • No jargon

Long Term Partner

  • Multi-year
  • Unlimited consulting
  • Flat fee

Training and Education

  • Basic and Advanced
  • Tailored to customer
  • Brief lectures
  • Full workshops
  • On-site
  • Online
An interactive and illustrated book made for iPad

Aerosol Mechanics

For the Rest of Us

Aerosol Mechanics deals with particle behavior in air. It underlies many aspects of particle generation and measurement, air filtration, indoor air quality, and cleanrooms design as well as industrial applications such as drug manufacture and delivery. This iBook, aims to provide the nontechnical practitioner a practical fluency in the subject.

Available from the Apple iBook Store


About us

AERFIL was established in 2006 in Liverpool, NY to provide expert consulting in particle measurements, contamination control
, and air filters and filtration. While our goal is to serve small and medium size companies
, we also work with start-ups that are too small to have resources in-house but need the expertise ‘On Call’ 
to compete in the market.

We believe in the ancient Indian philosophy that knowledge grows by sharing
. Although we are a for-profit enterprise, our services are offered regardless of your ability to pay. We expect to succeed by helping you succeed by offering our Training, Education, Mentoring, and Collaborative Research for your business.

R. Vijayakumar, PhD

Consultant in Chief

With a background in Particle Technology, Vijay is a world-renowned expert in filtration and contamination control with over 30 years in all sectors of these industries. In addition to teaching short courses worldwide, he chairs National and International (ISO) standards committees. His global connections are available to support our clients in marketing, supply chains, and collaboration.

  • Globally recognized expert for Contamination Control, Aerosols, Filter media and Filtration with several patents
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering/Particle Technology
  • Over 35 years’ experience in industry and research
  • Founder and chief instigator of his consulting firm, AERFIL
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Building Research
  • Instructor at the University of Minnesota short course on filtration
  • Fellow of ASHRAE
  • Served as Distinguished Lecturer and short course instructor for ASHRAE
  • Founding faculty for ISRHAE Cleanroom Certification Program
  • Past President and Fellow of IEST, a premiere organization for contamination control
  • Leader at ISO and IEST for high efficiency filtration standardization
  • Consultant to NASA for filtration in space habitat
  • Advisor and mentor to several start-ups
  • Author of iBook on Aerosol Mechanics
  • Co-author for ASHRAE Cleanroom Design Guide
  • Chair, peer review publications for International Filtration News
  • Educator and mentor to anyone who asks

Contact us

+1 315 506 6883

Liverpool, New York